26″ Granite Peak Women’s Magenta Mountain Bike Review

26″ Granite Peak Women’s Magenta Mountain Bike Review

 Finding an ideal Mountain Bike is difficult, and finding an ideal women’s Mountain Bike is even more difficult given the options available nowadays.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike Roadmaster. We are reviewing this bike for helpful features and benefits that may contribute to the riding experience for women.

This bike is specially tailored to suit the needs of women under all circumstances. Let us take a closer look at this bike for interesting features.

The Geometry Helps to Ride Smoothly

The big problem women’s bikes face is the geometry. There are many bikes with frames of different sizes. Usually, these frames don’t support too short or too tall women. But 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike suits most women with its steel frame with a geometric shape. Also, there are suspensions in front and back.

These suspensions work well to ease out the bumps in hilly areas. As a result,  biker have smoother rides. While ensuring durability, steel also provides comfort while riding the bike well. The horizontal steel bar ensures the bike remains steady in all conditions.

The Seat is Adjustable

26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike has a well-padded seat. The wide saddle allows women to be comfortable riding the bike. Also, thanks to the proportionate handlebars, it ensures you have a comforting posture while you ride.

A benefit of having ergonomic posture is that you won’t be fatigued that much even if you ride for hours as a part of an outdoor exercise routine. Not to mention tall people will be more comfortable with this feature.

Top Notch Gear System and Brakes

You can change gears through twist shifters. As the name implies, twist shifters work through twisting your hands. You can navigate through 18 different levels of speed with this gear system. For a budget-friendly bike, it is an attractive benefit to have.

26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike features an effective brake system.. The bike features “Linear Pull Steel Brakes”. These brakes are known for stopping the bike immediately if needed. The pair of brakes also transfers much authority to your handlebars for you to monitor.

Comfortable Alloy Wheel Frame

26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike features 26” diameter wheels. This is comfortable for both the taller and shorter women. Fusion makes the wheel frame resistant to corrosion. The wheels give the bike speed on uneven terrain. But they are easy to maintain at the same time.

The tires with it also roll well on almost every terrain you ride the bike on. When you are considering downhill biking, these tires will come handy as they have increased grip. The main reason for it the using of “A Class” rubber and thin but reinforced spokes.


Very Affordable
Front Suspension Forks work really well.
18-speed Shimano Gears provide impressive performance.
The reinforced design makes the bike tough for all weathers.


Traditional linear brakes become ineffective in wet weather conditions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.What is the Assembly Process of the Bike?

A:You need to put the front wheel and the handlebars into places. After that, do pump the tires with air. Next thing to do is to set the seat into place, tighten the brake mechanism and you are done. You will find a manual describing each process in detail so you can follow.

Q.What is the best use of this bike?

A:You can use this bike for road biking. But for hard trail biking, it is usable. Then again, it is just an entry level bike. So, using this bike in extreme conditions might result in malfunctions.

Q.How much weight can this bike take?

A.It has a capacity of 300lbs.


The main point of 26” Granite Peak Women’s Bike Roadmaster is that it is affordable. Many reviewers who claim, it is easy to put this bike together. The fact that this bike uses 26” rims, it keeps the center of gravity low.

So, you make sharp turns along the road conveniently without falling off. The bike is less than a 100 dollars. So, it is a good deal in whichever way you look at it.