Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in Australia

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in Australia

 If you love to run and listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks, then you know the trouble of cables that get in the way or pulled out accidentally. You’d rather spend your time running instead of tucking away or untangling cables.

Bluetooth headphones can give you true feeling of freedom when you run. However, with lots of options available, it can be hard to find the right one. We’ve created this complete and one-stop-shop guide to make it easy for you to find the best Bluetooth headphones for running, so you can enjoy the extra motivation of your favorite track during your next run.

Things to Consider as a Runner

1. Secure and Stable Fit. 

Some Bluetooth headphones will slide off when you move up and down and sweat during runs, which is really annoying. Good Bluetooth headphones must stay stable and secure on your head no matter what.

2. Play Time. 

You can see how many hours of music you can get from Bluetooth headphones by having a look at their play time. How many hours you need depends on how frequently you run and how often you prefer to recharge your batteries. To exemplify – if you run one hour every second day on average, then 7 hours of play time will last you two weeks. The more play time the better, but it depends on your budget and preferences.

3. Durability. 

Running headphones must be built to withstand rough conditions, such as sweat and a constant bouncing up and down. You’ll need to get headphones that are made out of highly durable and sweat-proof materials, if you want to avoid headphones that break after a couple of runs.

4. Sound Quality. 

With Bluetooth headphones that meet the criterion above, you want the best possible audio sound quality there is for your budget. It includes amazing clarity, sound reproduction and balance, as well as deep and accurate bass.

Top 5 Running Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

1. 66 Audio BTS+

66 Audio BTS+

The 66 Audio BTS+ are the overall highest rated Bluetooth headphones for running by experts and users. They’re larger than typical Bluetooth headphones since they go on your ears, rather than in them. However, the first thing we notice when we unbox them is how small and lightweight they are to be on-ear headphones.

With a headband that goes behind you neck, the 66 Audio BTS+ stay firmly and securely in place. The build quality is excellent – durable, sweat-resistant and highly comfortable. You’ll forget that you’re wearing them after a while. On the headphones, there are buttons to adjust volume, switch music tracks and accept calls, along with a microphone. The headphones foldable design makes them easy to store.

Pairing the 66 Audio BTS+ with you device is a breeze. Once you’ve paired them the first time, they’ll automatically pair themselves every time you turn them on. It saves you time and headache. The range is also a highlight; we could place our phone at least 30 feet away with no loss of quality or signal. The battery offers 20 hours play time and 400 hours standby time. It’s exceptionally long for Bluetooth headphones – you may only have to recharge the battery once per month depending on how much you use it.

The 66 Audio BTS+ sound is rich and filling. We were very impressed with the dynamic range of the audio. These match $150+ headphones in sound quality, despite their much lower price tag. They also cancel out most ambient noise effectively. This is really nice if you run in noisy environments, but be careful in traffic.

All in all, the 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth headphones are exceptionally comfortable, durable and will stay in place no matter what. They include a battery that lasts long and crystal clear sound quality. If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth headphones for running, then you’ve found them.

2. JayBird BlueBuds X

JayBird BlueBuds X

The JayBird BlueBuds X are Bluetooth earbuds with a secure fit and sweat resistant design that makes them ideal for audio motivating runners.

As you can see, the JayBird BlueBuds X don’t look like a regular pair of earbuds. They have a single cord that rests behind the neck and ear cushions that give you a secure fit. There’s also a built-in remote to control your music, volume and handle calls that may interrupt your run, as well as a microphone. The JayBird BlueBuds X can handle a run in the rain thanks to their Liquipel nano coating which makes them sweat and water resistant.

Many sports headphones tend to be either too bass-heavy or lack clarity. The JayBird Bluebuds X on the other hand, offer a deep but balanced bass that does not overpower the exceptional audio clarity. You’ll truly hear all the details of your favorite track or audiobook. The sound quality is overall extremely clear, rich and clean.

Setting up the JayBird BlueBuds X is easy and straightforward. The connection stays true and clear even if you leave the phone a couple of rooms away. With 8 hours of play time and 250 hours standby time, the JayBird BlueBuds X offers longer battery time than any other top 10 Bluetooth earbuds. Jenna, the voice prompt, will tell you if you’re connected and how much battery you have left.

To conclude, the JayBird BlueBuds X offer outstanding sound quality, a secure fit and long battery life. They’re worth every penny despite being a bit expensive. If you prefer earbuds, then these are the best ones you’ll find as a runner – they’re simply ideal.

3. iKross A2DP Sport

iKross A2DP Sport

The iKross A2DP Sport are superb Bluetooth earbuds with a really low price tag. Even if they cannot match the overall performance of 66 Audio BTS+ and JayBird BlueBuds X, they still offer a lot of value for the money.

These earbuds are quick and easy to connect to your device and offer good range. A play time of 7 hours and standby time of 180 hours is great based on the price. They’re also comfortable to wear for long runs and stay in place well.

Even though they’re not noise-canceling headphones, they still block out quite a bit of outside noise. Though you’ll still be able to hear what’s going on around you if you keep the volume low, which is good in traffic. There might not be much noise if you run in a park or the woods anyway.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for the price. Not as good as the Audio BTS+ or the JayBird BlueBuds X, but still clear and clean with an accurate bass. They also include a microphone.

The iKross A2DP are some fantastic Bluetooth headphones with a low price. Go for the iKross A2DP if you’re looking for the best and most affordable headphones for running.

4. Monster iSport Freedom

Monster iSport Freedom

Monster’s iSport Freedom is most of what we want in a good set of Bluetooth headphones. It has the stable construction and long play-time you need for running. It doesn’t hurt that they look really cool as well.

These have a one-piece frame, and antimicrobial ear cushions that make them very durable. The iSport Freedom also has bright reflective coloring so you can feel safe wearing them while running in the dark.

Monster’s iSport Freedom has as much playback time as our highest rated 66 Audio BTS+, so you know it can keep up with you on your longest run.

Even though these are one of the best Bluetooth headphones they can still be used like regular headphones because they include a detachable cable. This gives you have absolute freedom and saves batteries. You can use them with the cord on your computer at work then go running without the cord.

The sound on these on-ear headphones are almost as good as JayBird BlueBuds X earbuds. The earcups keep the sound directed towards your ears but do allow some sound to get out. We like the equalization even if they do tend to be heavy on the bass. Some songs sounded a bit unnatural but they were still enjoyable.

The iSport Freedom by Monster is a great set of headphones for runners. They’re comfortable, have a long battery life, and are extremely durable.

5. Avantree Sacool

Avantree Sacool

The Avantree Sacool is an inexpensive set of Bluetooth earbuds that runners will like because they’re durable, designed well, and sound great.

The Sacool is splash-proof. It can handle any amount of sweat, and even rain. As a runner you will appreciate being able to take these anywhere.

The Avantree Sacool stays in place because of its design. They have angled eartips connected to a small control box. The control box holds all of the control buttons. Sacool makes it easy to switch between music and phone calls with one-touch buttons. The device is simple to use even while on the move.

It comes with six hours of playback when fully charged. Which is more than enough time for most runners. Depending on how far you go, you may only have to recharge one time per week.

The sound on the Avantree Sacool isn’t as clear and strong as the 66 Audio BTS+ but you can’t really beat them for the price. If you’re using them while running then you’re probably okay with music not sounding just like a concert. These will still give you the extra motivation you need.

The Avantree Sacool is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds that runners will like. You can take them anywhere; they’re easy to use, and affordable.