Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 in Australia

Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 in Australia
 Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 Australia. 

Mountain bikes can be fully described by just their name. These bikes are designed and made for rough terrain, where the roads are a privilege. On the other hand, they can be used on normal roads and they will even look suitable. The bottom line is that mountain bikes are versatile and therefore the most popular type of bikes on the market right now. Checking out the best mountain bikes under $2000 is more of a pleasure than a task, so enjoy.

The budget of $2000 is very interesting because it presents a line between simpler and more advanced mountain bikes. In this price range, it is possible to find hard tail and soft tail models, paired with high-end components. Another reason, why we prefer models from this price range is the fact most of them come with components borrowed from more expensive models, made by the same manufacturer. At the same time, you can get a mountain bike with plenty of parts made by well-known bike-related brands.

A must-consider feature are the wheels. How big wheels are, will determine how and when you can ride your new bike. A standard size is 26 inches, but there are models that can have wheels between 24 and 29 wheels. Some, usually purpose-built models have larger tires, so they can be used on a specific terrain, or for specific obstacles. Larger wheels are suitable for taller people and they are commonly related to the semi or fully professional mountain bikes.


The frame may be a well-known element of mountain bikes, but it is also one of the main components that make a mountain bike. It is measured in inches as well, and this aspect cannot be generalized. Do you want a modern, more durable or lighter frame fully depends on your desire, if we know that there are different frames available in this price range.
Closely related to the frame is a suspension. Models with front and rear suspension are more comfortable, but they still offer the same amount of durability and toughness. Try to remember that hard tail models have front suspension only, while soft tail units come with front and rear suspension.
Gearing system is the number one priority if you are going to ride your new mountain bike up steep hills and across the tough terrain. It allows you to change gears accordingly to the need for speed or power. Higher gears will generate a higher speed, while the lower gears will allow you to ride your bike up huge and steep hills. This feature is important because conventional gearing systems cannot work on tough and steep terrain so we recommend you to get a bike that comes with a high-end system. Shimano is the absolute leader in this field, so all models with this gearing system are more capable for off-road riding.
Here are the best mountain bikes under $2000 you can possibly find right now. Some models look like they have come from higher, price ranges, making them interesting alternative and best-buy at the same time.

1. Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle

Without a doubt, the new Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle is one of the best mountain bikes under $2000 you can possibly buy today. It is also one of the best mountain bikes in general!
The first and the main reason, why we were impressed with this model is the design. It looks like no other bike, it is modern, futuristic and it is sophisticated. The list of features is more than just long, and you get some options that are usually reserved for mountain bikes that cost 2 times more. It is available in three, different colors; MAG, black and MAG-Orange. We liked the orange version the most, but it is a matter of taste.
The main element of this bike is the frame, made from aluminum and designed to be strong, but yet practical. Wheels are made from magnesium in order to reduce the total weight of a bike. A far more interesting feature is the electric motor. It is 500W unit, paired with a Samsung battery pack that can be easily removed, transforming this E-Bike into a standard mountain bike. The range is 60 miles when you use the first level of assist. Charging time is 3 hours and the top speed is 25 mph.
Gearing system is 7 speed Shimano, which we mentioned as the best possible choice. Disk brakes are standard and they are present on both wheels. At the back, you have a tail light that also works when you brake. Definitely an interesting option. The front suspension is SR Suntour XCM, delivering up to 100 mm of travel. The display is available as well. It is a 5-inch unit, LCD, perfect for all operations and values this bike has to offer. In addition, seat can be easily adjusted in a few seconds, and the travel distance is 30 cm. The bottom line is that you get one of the best and recently upgraded E-bikes (this is a 2017 model) at a cost of an ordinary mountain bike.


– E-Bike that can be used as a conventional mountain bike.
– Made from durable and lightweight materials.
– Impressive and original design.
– Shimano gearing system.
– Front and rear suspensions.
– Disk brakes.
– LCD display.
– 500W electric motor.


– The battery may require up to 5 hours to recharge.
– 70 pounds of weight (with battery pack).

2. Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The mountain bike here is simply said a beast. It has been designed to withstand the most demanding and the toughest terrains on the planet. It can be used as a professional mountain bike and it has all the elements to support this claim. At the beginning, we will have to mention that the price of this bike has been lowered, making it a bargain. Wait just to see all the features and advantages this bike has to offer!
The main fact here is the strength of the entire bike. As we said, it is made for usages on tough terrain, so it must be able to withstand all of the treats you can throw at it. The frame is made from aluminum, but the construction itself can withstand a much higher level of load and shocks that usual. Full-suspension is guaranteed; therefore you get Shod Monarch R at the back and all-new Rockco XC32 at the front. This fork offers 120 mm of travel distance, making it one of most suitable for hard-core mountain lovers. A gearing system should be mentioned with an accent that it is a SRAM unit! This makes it extra-durable and specially developed for usages on the tough roads, or places where the roads are a privilege! It offers 10 gears and an easy-shifting system. With it, you won’t have any issues climbing even on the steepest hills.
For safety, you have Tetra Gemini disk brakes, fitted to the both wheels. They deliver superb braking power even when you use them for a longer period of time. As such, they are a preferable option. Keep in mind that the Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes in three different sizes! We should add that wheel size is 27.5 inches, another reason to use this bike on the toughest terrains. In addition, the weight is 10 pounds, believe or not, so amazing performances are easily achieved.


– Extra light frame.
– Large and strong wheels.
– SRAM gearing system (10 gears).
– Full suspension units at the back and at the front.
– Quick handling system.


– Standard tires are not superb.
– Low-profile seat.

3. Diamondback Bicycles Splinter Complete READY RIDE

This mountain bike comes from the smallest size, with wheels of 24 inches. Nevertheless, it is a powerful model, made to last and make to be used anywhere you prefer. This also means that it is suitable for children, who are interested in mountain biking aged 9-12. The first and the main elements that must be mentioned are the frame and the suspension. The frame is made from aluminum, with increased strength so it can accommodate stuns and high jumps. The weight is kept to a minimal, so we have a lightweight mountain bike, equipped with the latest systems. The suspension is X-Fusion, present at the front and at the rear sides. Both of them are fully adjustable and treated as PRO units! Even the rear suspension has 100 mm of possible movement!
Shimano is responsible for brakes. You get 180 mm rotors meaning that braking is superb.These units are also resistant to the dust, mud, and dirt. They are heavy duty components, commonly used in professional mountain bikes from a higher price range. The seat height is adjustable and it will vary between 53 and 60 inches. Adjusting is simple and features quick-release system. Maybe more interesting fact is the gears. There are 10 of them and shifting is done via a new handlebar shifter capable of shifting a gear in less than a second. Gearing system is specially designed to accommodate younger cyclists, allowing them to reach the highest potential with this bike.
The bike comes in a package with all the instructions you need to assemble it. The assembly process takes around 10 minutes, but it may be slightly complicated for some individuals. In essence, this is a great model that is currently at a discount. It is a perfect gift to your children who are really interested into hardcore mountain bikes. It is also one of the best mountain bikes under $2000 in 2017.


– Impressive suspension at the back and at the front.
– 10 gears.
– Shimano PRO brakes.
– Lightweight.
– Value for money.


– Assembly process may be too complicated.
– Gearing system is time-consuming to adjust for the first time.

4. Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle 500W

If you remember our first mountain bike that we mentioned, you will notice that the Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle 500W is similar. This is an H5 version, designed for 2017 and it has some differences with the first model on our list. A great fact is that the electric motor and the battery pack are the same as in the first model here. It means that you get a 500W electric motor paired with Samsung batteries. The recharging time is between 3 and 5 hours and the range is 60 miles. The top speed is the same, it is 25 mph. If you are interested in weight load, you should know that it is 300 lbs.
Additional specifications include excellent suspension units, available at the front and at the rear side. The front suspension even has a 170mm of travel, which is more than just impressive.
The rear light is used as braking light as well, a feature we really liked. Gearing system is Shimano, obviously, and it has 7 speeds. Shifting them is simple and extremely quick. Speed control is intuitive and fun to use, allowing you to ride this bike anywhere at any speed you like.
Wheels are the biggest difference between this and the first model. The Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle 500W H5 has wire wheels which is preferred for extra-tough applications.
Thanks to them, you can ride your new bike across any terrain you have in mind. For those riding situations, we recommend you to remove the battery pack, so you reduce the weight and improve the handling.
Still, the main and the most important reason why you should consider this model is the design.
It is modern and it has been made to be practical yet gorgeous. From any angle, this mountain bike looks special and different. There are no similar models nor simple copies. You will be the owner of the most beautiful mountain bike in your street, so expect a lot of questions. It is a real surprise being able to buy a bike of this kind and with this looks for under $2000. It is one of the best buys here!


– Samsung battery pack.
– 500W electric motor.
– Shimano gearing system with 7 gears.
– Modern and superb frame.
– 170mm front suspension.
– Rear light (braking light).
– 300 lbs. of the weight load.
– 25 mpg top speed.


– Available in just one color version.
– Only one size is available right now.

5. Richbit Updated Electric Bike TOP012

What if you are looking for a new E-bike that comes with fat tires and interesting features, but is it in your price range? Then you should consider the Richbit Updated Electric Bike TOP012.
This model had a price above $2000, but it has been lowered, making this one of the best mountain bikes under $2000 and definitely the best one when it comes to the fat tire models.
Yes, extra-fat tires are standard and they are the latest hit in the world, so you will become a member of a growing community. These tires are very resistant and durable, so you can ride the bike on the terrain where conventional bikes are almost useless.

The electric motor is a350W unit, capable of maintaining 25 mph of top speed and the range of 20-25 miles. The charging time is between 2 and 4 hours. Obviously, the lithium ion batteries are standard. Shimano gearing system is specially designed for this bike, due to the fact it has to be adjusted for larger tires. It is precise, pleasant to use and it offers smooth shifting in all conditions. The size is something that must be included. It is 17×26, allowing even people up to 2 meters tall to ride this bike. On the other hand, the weight is only 25 kg, making it extremely lightweight.