How to Clean Your Carpeted Stairs


How to Clean Your Carpeted Stairs

A carpeted staircase undoubtedly looks beautiful, adds texture, color, and makes the stairs safer. While you certainly may consider covering your carpeted stairs with plastic runners to avoid them from gathering dirt, this can only be a temporary solution, as it looks very unattractive. So what can be done to keep the carpeted stairs looking attractive and clean always? If this is what you are thinking now, then go through the tips given below and learn how to clean your carpeted stairs like a pro.

1. Use the Right Vacuum

Just like other carpets in your home, your staircase’s carpet too requires regular vacuuming. It helps get rid of tiny pieces of gravel, dirt, and debris from your rug, which otherwise can grind away at the carpet and do a lot of damage consequently. You cannot use your standard vacuum cleaners on your stairs. It can be very heavy and carrying it around up and down the stairs can be difficult. Moreover, it is also big for the small steps, thus cleaning anyway will be difficult.

To vacuum clean your stairs, you need to get a handheld, lightweight model, which should not be more than the size of a little suitcase. It must have different attachments to make cleaning easy and quick. To start cleaning, you should hold the unit in one of your hands, and guide the vacuum attachment with the other. While vacuum cleaning your stairs, always remember to begin from top, and keep coming down.

2. A Brush Attachment is very Helpful

A hose helps suck up dirt on the surface, and might also get some deeper loose dirt. If you want to enjoy the best results, then you should make use of the brush roller attachment, which is quite like your standard vacuum’s beater brush. By using this, you will be able to loosen impacted dirt, and help your carpet stay attractive longer.

3. Use a Stiff Broom

To clean your carpet staircase you may use a stiff broom. It is lightweight compared to any vacuum, so using it shall never be a problem. Even though it will help improve the look of your carpet, but you should still consider vacuuming if you want a deep-down clean. To sweep your staircase, start at the top, and make your way down. Properly sweep each stair, until any debris reaches the bottom of the floor, which you can sweep or vacuum clean.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a great idea to clean your carpet staircase just like a pro. You just need a steam cleaner with handheld hose attachment. You may not necessarily purchase a cleaner, and instead may consider renting it from your local grocery store. However, as you will need to clean your carpets once in a while, investing in a steam cleaner will prove to be profitable over time.

5. Hand Scrubbing

Scrubbing with shampoo is also a great idea to give your stairs a professional like clean. This method is also great for spot-cleaning. To lift some types of stains, like oil bases, you may need to use a pre-treatment solution so that it looses the stains and it can then easily be removed from the carpet fibers.

Mix a special carpet shampoo with water until it starts producing light foam. Now apply it on your carpet using a scrub brush. If you have a vacuum, try to vacuum as much of water as possible out of your carpet. Else, use an absorbent, soft cloth or towel to blot the carpet and remove water. Once your carpet is dry thoroughly, run your vacuum over it.


Follow these simple ideas, and you certainly will be able to clean your carpet stairs thoroughly, just like a professional.