Best Mattress For Side Sleepers in Australia


Best Mattress For Side Sleepers in Australia

People use to have different postures while they sleep. They are natural and people couldn’t do much to change their sleeping posture. The side posture is very common and it is an acceptable posture for sleeping in terms of its impacts on your muscles, joints and most importantly your back. Several people are found complaining about their stiff back which is usually because of their irregular sleeping posture. The market today is flooded with a variety of mattresses which are apt for side sleepers. Most of the buyers today are unaware of the critical fact that the selection of their mattress influence the quality of their sleep and also have an impact on their physique and muscular health. Remember, that all of the so called best mattress for side sleepers might not be the one you want. Look for the specific features that you need according to your preference. It would be better to look up and compare various brands and products in order to sort out the best amongst all. Though it’s a tough task still it will be an easy one if you have some knowledge before going to the market.

You can get a first hand knowledge here that will help you decide confidently. These specs and information would help you find the best mattress that will be your companion for a life time.

Why Should You Need a Comfortable Mattress ?

Sleeping is very important because it is a natural process of habitual which can help us to regain our stamina after doing lots of activities in a day. As mentioned above, there are lots of styles of sleeping, but the common one is side sleeping (sleeping on left-hand site or on right-hand side). Side sleeping is considered as one of the healthiest ways of sleeping. In addition, your healthy life will mainly depend on your quality of sleep. Sleeping on sides can help sleepers reduce and relieve the pressure of back and keep their joints in a neutral position. Therefore, choosing the right mattress that gives maximum of support is important for you to maintain healthy life. Otherwise, tossing with aches and pains may disturb you whenever you start to sleep.

Why Should You Consider Choosing Suitable Mattress?

There are many types of mattresses being sold in the market. This will cause you confusion to get the most suitable ones. Each mattress has different functions, features, and prices. Some mattresses are too firm while other mattresses are too soft. Buying the right type of mattress will depend on your situation (Different types of mattresses can give different levels of support and comfort). Choosing the right ones can help you get good support and comfort so that you can have peaceful and nice feelings while sleeping.

Remember that a mattress for a side sleeper should be designed specially to give the maximum of necessary support and great comfort so that you can keep your sleep posture proper with side effects!

When Should You consider Purchasing Mattress?

Do you have a mattress yet? If not, you can be free from hesitation and confusion of replacing the old one. If yes, you should check your sleep condition. If you don’t have good feelings while sleeping on your current mattress such as easy to wake up at night with bad pain, face with toss and turn, or wake up in the morning with awful feelings, you should consider buying new mattress to replace the old one.

Sleeping on the right mattress can help you deal with bad pains. Therefore, your sleeping positions will determine the type of mattress. As a side sleeper, you should choose the mattress that can give you good support and great comfort so that you can have nice feelings during sleeping and after waking up.

When purchasing a new mattress for side sleepers, you should check necessary features, functions, and types in order to come to final decision with right choice.


It is obvious that mattresses which are too soft or too firm cannot give you good support. The firmness of mattress will decide and determine your comfortable feelings when sleeping. Finding out the best suitable mattress is very important to help you get the maximum of support from mattress. According to surveys, it is not a good idea to sleep on mattress which is too soft or too firm, especially, with side sleepers. When sleeping on these types of mattress, you will not get good support. In addition, your spine will not be kept in right position. Once posture of sleep is not good and right, you will find it uncomfortable to sleep. It is advised that you should consider reading and checking reviews of mattress before buying in order to know which ones can fit your needs and condition.

It is common for side sleepers to go with “Medium soft mattresses” in order to get the maximum of support. However, the comfort level depends on the condition, body type, weight, etc… and each person has different criteria, so the term “Best Mattress” is just the ideal status. But the majority of the suggested ideal mattresses would give you general ideas about the most suitable mattress that you need to consider before making final choice.

According to the surveys, best mattress for side sleepers is the one that must give good support to the status of spine with right position and suitable posture of sleep while side sleepers can easily fall asleep with comfort without worrying about the tossing and turning.

What features of mattress that you should look for? Here are some important factors that you may want to have a look at:

  •    What is the level of Firmness?

The level of firmness is very important. As mentioned about, you should choose suitable level of firmness in order to get maximum of support. A mattress which is too firm or too soft is not suitable for side sleepers since it cannot give good support for spine. Poor spinal alignment will make you encounter with some problems like hips pain, shoulders pain, neck pain, and back pain. It means a too-firm mattress or a too-soft mattress cannot give maximum of support if you are side sleepers. Therefore, your posture sleep is not right. Your weight can determine the firmness level, but make sure you choose the suitable firmness in order to avoid serious pains and aches.

  • What is Mattress Core?

To support the shoulders and hips well, a great mattress should have good profiled cores which can help reduce the pressure on these body parts. Mattress Core is different from the firmness and softness. While the firmness and softness of mattress is designed to contour your body weight, Mattress Core is designed to help improve the flow of blood and reduce the pressure on hips and shoulders when sleeping on sides.

  • What is Layer?

A good mattress for side sleepers should have outer layer, cover or top layer which is soft enough to help reduce or decrease the pressure on hips and shoulders during sleeping on sides. A mattress for side sleepers is specially designed with outer layer support. The outer layer will play a role as providing softness, comfort, and support – “give”.

  • What is pillow for side sleepers?

Pillow is also important for side sleepers. To have right posture of sleep, side sleepers should equip themselves suitable pillows. Otherwise, your spinal alignment will be out of the line. It is advised that you should look for a pillow that can give you good support at your head and neck in order to avoid neck pain. Keeping your head in its right position is very important to help you have comfortable feelings without worrying abut aches and pains.

Each person has different head size hence choosing suitable pillows is different from each other. Luckily, there are various types, shapes, and sizes of pillows for you to choose from.

Our style of sleeping is something we tend to notice only when we have a stomach ailment, or worse, when that sleeping style leads to health problems in the long run. In reality though, faulting one’s sleeping style is of little use, since each body is naturally inclined to choose a certain sleeping style. For instance, side sleepers prefer to place the bulk of their body weight on one shoulder and one side of the hips, while keeping the spine in a lateral position. Given their habituation with such a sleeping style, they would find sleeping on their backs or stomachs difficult, if not impossible. However, this doesn’t mean the benefits their bodies receive from a sound sleep cannot be improved and/or the negative features of the sleeping style removed. The key to doing so is to change the standard spring mattress into one that can be considered the best mattress based on the type of support and comfort it provides to the user.

There is no best mattress in absolute terms though, since each person has a different body type. Hence, while we would suggest a few ideal products at the end of this discussion, the majority of it would be devoted to analyzing the criteria to be used when purchasing a good mattress.

Top 10 Best Mattress For Side Sleepers Reviews

There are a plenty of options for side sleepers’ mattresses which are produced by a number of different manufacturers. The potential buyers must look for the best mattress for side sleepers reviews in order to take their wise pivotal decision. The following is a well researched list of the top 10 products available for the side sleepers in the market:

1. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

This one is a US made memory foam that gives superior comfort to the users. The dimensions of the product are 80 x 60 x 12 inches. There are 2 layers which comprises of a 12 inch top premium quality mattress which also features the exclusive SureTemp open cell technology for the memory foam. The layers are devised with top comfort in mind where 2.5 inches of the SureTemp features with a 3 pound density gives superior comfort to the side sleepers. The base layer is 9.5 inches in thickness which gives premium quality support foam with the most optimized therapeutic support. There is a superior pressure point relief that eliminates tossing and motion transfer. Further, comfortable turning of the body is guaranteed with confirmation to the body providing the optimal spinal alignment. The manufacturer offers an extensive 20 years warranty. You will get along a quality poly cotton mattress cover as well. It comes as vacuum packed which allows for easier and compact shipping.

It could be a great option for you to buy as a quality mattress that will last for about 20 years or more. It has a guarantee of being made of quality material that would not get compressed and wil be sturdy enough to make you feel comfortable.

2. LUCID 10 Inch Foam Mattress

It is one of the best mattress for side sleepers available in the market. It is queen size with a 10 inch thickness that comes with a 2.5 inch layer of memory foam comfort. The 7.5 inch polyurethane foam base double supports the comfort and makes it an excellent option to install on your bed. The manufacturer has given special consideration to the comfort and coolness of the mattress where the open flow technology does the job in the most special way. The versatility of the mattress is evident when you will get to know that how quickly it adopts to the pressure and weight of the bearer giving very much a doughy and soft consistency. Foam is certified for the quality and usefulness for the side sleepers by the CertiPUR-US. Moreover, the LUCID manufacturer also offers the product with a 25 years limited warranty and the unit has got the potential of serving you well beyond its warranty time. This product would be a great buy for your comfort and relaxation time. It’s a quality product with a guaranteed service time without getting compressed.

3. Signature Sleep King Mattress

It is a king size mattress and it has got the potential of adding good quality and value to your bed. It is compatible with any king size bed frame. The manufacturer has got good repute in producing similar top quality products earlier as well. The thickness of the frame is 8 inch which is filled with layers of comfort and convenience. The non woven fabric insulation pad is the Unique Selling Point of this unit which adds supplementary comfort into it. The manufacturer in this product has introduced independent encased coils which provide the sleepers with a consistent weight distribution by contouring the curves of the person’s body. This kind of a platform relieves pressure from your back, hips, shoulder, neck and other joints of the body. The mattress reaches you in a compressed form upon delivery for ease of shipping. Upon delivery, the foam may take up to 48 hours to get expanded to its original king size.

4. Signature Sleep Foam Mattress 12 inch

The exterior of the unit is soft with knit fabric cover and goes down till the base with layers of quality and comfort. The 12 inch is its overall thickness with resourceful 4 inches 9 ILD memory foam. It is also available in thickness of6 and 8 inches but the 12 inch thickness mattress is the ideal most for the side sleepers. Within minutes of occupancy of this foam by the user, it creates a very personalized and a balanced firm support all around your body. The quality manufacturing of the foam relieves all the pressure points on your joints including hips, upper back, neck and shoulders. It is inflammable and meets the flammability standard of the federal 16 CFR 1633. The mattress is received in its compress form for the ease of shipping purposes and it will then take a time of 48 hours before you can find it in its original size. You can trust this Chinese made foam to last for a good number of years.

5. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Queen size foam from Best Price Mattress provide side sleepers with an exceptionally great sleeping surface. In normal temperature when the mattress is not occupied then the surface would be very firm but just as you occupy this quality mattress, it will start reacting with the current temperature of your body. It also has the capability to mold itself according to the shape and size of your body. The weight all along the surface is very evenly distributed which at the same time relieves all the pressure points of the vital points of your body. It conveniently supports you to side sleep without the need of turning or tossing your body. The comfort is amazing and superior to many other products that you will see in the market. The feeling while sleeping on this system is just similar to what you can experience while floating on the clouds. It is originated from China and has got all the quality features that you ever wish to see in high quality foam.

6. Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress

The 8 inch contour mattress produced by Signature Sleep hold very true to its name as the manufacturer produced it to satisfy all the needs of the contoured support of the vertebrate while you side sleep on it. The comfort gained is owed to its luxurious and sturdy 480 tempered steel with independently encased coils. This kind of a setup conforms well to the shape and curves of your body by creating a consistent and equal weight distribution over the platform, hence relieving the pressure points all along the vital joints and muscles of your body. The independently-encased coil holds another significant advantage and that is the reduction in the motion disturbance which is as small as negligible. It also means that you will be totally undisturbed or unaware if your partner takes a body shift while sleeping on this double mattress. The longevity of the independently-encased coils is guaranteed by introducing 2 cushioning layers that serve as a protection. One is the thick foam layer which adds both comfort and quality while the other is the non woven fabric insulation pad. You may use it right after unpacking it after delivery but it is better to give it 48 hours to allow it to expand to its maximum.

7. DreamFoam Bedding Twin Mattress

This twin mattress from DreamFoam Bedding is a perfect and versatile option for all types of sleepers. It offer users with a very firm support which contours to the entire body while relieving the pressure points from all significant vulnerable joints of the body. The mattress is compatible with trundle beds, bunk beds, day beds or the standard bed setups. It has a TriZone type of built which gives optimal support for all types of sleepers particularly the side sleepers. The TriZone core in the unit is about 6.25 inches with a 0.75 inch of quilting layer. The mattress is available from the manufacturer as a twin or a full size option but you can get even more savings by opting for the twin option and then receive the 2 twin beddings or take the full option and receive 1 full and 1 twin bedding with it. So you will get a great bedding experience with even greater savings and value. The product is 100 percent US made and it is extremely durable and of long lasting quality.

8. Signature Sleep White Twin Mattress

The Signature Sleep White Twin Mattress is designed with all the essential features a bedding must have which assure uses with a system that gives a perfectly nice sleep for all types of sleepers. There is a 6 inches of innerspring coil layer which contains about 216 tempered steel coils. On top of the coil layers rests the durable and comfortable cushion layers that gives a dream worthy relaxation and comfort without any element of fatigue. Then there are 2 x insulation pads of 100 percent polyester material. Further, there are 2 foam layers which are placed beneath and above the coils to serve as a protective sheath. At the same time, these two protective layers also provide with some great resilience so that the occupant never feel the coils even after using it for several years. For ease of shipping and for your convenience as well, the mattress is rolled, compressed and vacuum sealed which may take up to 48 hours before coming into its full original shape. It is an environment friendly mattress containing certified foam where its manufacturing process eliminates any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to get released in the atmosphere. The option is also according to the flammability federal standards 16 CFR 1633.

9. Sleep Master Twin Foam

It is one of the finest options available for the side sleepers with 1.5 inch premium memory foam and 4.5 inch high density foam. The foam is deployed with ActivCharcoal and Evergeen featured technology. The Evergreen is actually a tea extract which works exceptionally well in neutralizing the odor while the ActivCharcoal is derived from the pure charcoal which helps in absorbing the moisture and also minimizes unpleasant odor. You will have the peace of mind and a comfortable sleep after realizing that the mattress has gone through rigorous testing in terms of its comfort and in matching the industrial standards.

10. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This 8 inch twin bedding from Best Price Mattress brings ultimate comfort for the side sleepers which is better than any spring based platform available in the market. The manufacturer equips all their products with the patented pressure points relief system that enhances a more restful, deeper and a comfortable sleeping experience by improving circulation and relieving all the pressure points of the body. The mattress is tested and certified for quality and standards by meeting all the specific criteria relevant in the industry. It is also charcoal infused which controls odor and maintains optimal freshness. You will get along a very useful and high quality poly jacquard fabric cover as well. In this way this mattress would definitely add value and comfort to your living and would be a great alternate for your money.


As you can see that there are plenty of excellent options available in the market where all have something different and something special to offer. Never compromise your comfort over price. It is a long term investment and your sleep can be well influenced by the quality of mattress you choose. Your side sleeping habit wouldn’t be any issue and you will always wake up in the morning with no muscular pain complaints at all. There will surely be 1 best fit option for you in the top 10 mattresses that we discussed above.

You can select depending upon your needs and usually routine and definitely after considering what’s the best in quality that would serve you long terms.

Sleep is one of the most important things that we should “put serious investment” into if we want to increase quality of life. Sleep also plays an important role in our healthy life. It is obvious that we should not risk our sleep health because our overall health depends on quality of sleep. Having a proper sleep posture while we are sleeping is very important to help us have nice sleep. Each person has different sleep postures. It depends on many factors to explain why each one has particular sleep postures. In this website, we discuss mainly about side sleepers. Are you a side sleeper? And looking for how to get the best mattress for side sleepers? Keep reading in order to pick the right ones for your situation.

In fact, one of the most common sleeping styles is “Side Sleeping”; and it is true that most of us find it comfortable and relaxed when sleeping on sides (left-hand side or right-hand side). To get maximum of relaxation and comfort while sleeping, side sleepers need to equip themselves with a suitable mattress that can support their hips, shoulders, and neck well. In other words, a suitable mattress can also help side sleepers relieve and reduce the pressure from those body parts well.

One of the most suitable mattresses for you to consider is the slightly softer one. When sleeping on the slightly softer mattress, a side sleeper can allow their body parts like hips, shoulders, and neck to sink into the mattress a bit. With this condition, the side sleeper can keep their spine aligned with right posture (the natural curve of the body is kept at right position).

According to the statistics, many people say that they do always sleep on their sides (left-hand side or right-hand side). Therefore, the need of getting the best mattress for side sleepers increases. In addition, if you are sleeping on your sides, you should read the guides and tips of this website in order to get right solutions for your situation.

Choosing suitable mattress is very important to determine quality of sleep. However, it may not be an easy task to choose the right mattresses. If you are a side sleeper, you should know that when sleeping on one side of your body, you can face with some problems such as pressure points, aching joints, chronic pains, and bad body postures. Therefore, it causes issues related to health.

It is crucial to care about the quality of the mattress you are going to buy or the current one you are using. If you are using the wrong one, you cannot get good supports from mattress. Worse, you can face with an achy body and joints. To fight back the mentioned issues above, you should get the right mattress –  best mattress topper for side sleepers. Sleeping on the suitable mattress can help you maintain the proper body posture, and get the maximum amount of support.