Best Hoverboard in Australia for 2021

Choosing the best hoverboard can be very difficult. Since it is a relatively new product, many of us don’t know what to look out for when buying a new hoverboard. Hoverboards are sometimes called self balancing scooters. 

Hoverboards are an excellent method of transport as well being a stylish toy. Most of these hoverboards reviewed below offer similar technologies and specifications, so it is quite easy to compare each manufacturers hoverboards.

However, there are slight variations in quality, construction, design and costs which make one stand apart from the other and sell more. You can find many types of hoverboards in the market, with various types of benefits and useful features. We would recommended you take the time to read each review below, in order to compare the features and advantages that each hoverboard comes with. So what is the best hoverboard 2021 Australia? Read on to find out now!

What is the best hoverboard in Australia now?

It can be very difficult to choose the best hoverboard as each user will have different requirements. Some will require speed, whilst others require bluetooth technology integrated into the board. It is best to review and compare each hoverboard to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. I would recommend only buying these hoverboards listed in the table which is updated weekly.


Max Speed Wheel SizeOur Rating 
Halo Rover Hoverboard15 km/h8.5 inches9/10
Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard20 km/h7.5 Inches8/10
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard12.87 km/h7 Inches7/10
Spadger Hoverboard11.26 km/h6.5 Inches6/10
Skque Bluetooth Hoverboard10 km/h8 Inches7/10
Epikgo Hoverboard16 km/h8.5 Inches8/10
Hoverzon Hoverboard12.87 km/h8 Inches7/10


Leray Self Balanced Hoverboard

Leray are a reliable safe hoverboard manufacturer who sell hoverboards with a certified safe battery pack. The seem to be one of the hoverboard manufacturers who focus on consumer safety which is very encouraging. There are dual independent motors in this device to power each wheel. This electric scooter has a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour and can run for around 15 km on a full charge.  Although the weight of the rider can impact its peak speed, the maximum weight capacity of this hoverboard is 220 pounds.

The Leray certainly has features that other hoverboards struggle to match. The hoverboard contains what the manufacturer calls “intelligent battery management”. This is a mechanism which monitors and controls the battery cells to ensure no short circuiting occurs due to over charging, or because of damage to the cells due to prolonged knocks to the hoverboard. Our 99% rating of the hoverboard is well justified. If you are looking for a hoverboard which is focused on safety, the Leray is the best hoverboard for you.

Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board

The Swagway X1 hoverbaord is another popular hoverboard which offers a superb range of excellent features that we here at Best Hoverboard Review love. We have created a more in-depth review of the Swagway. The manufacturers claim that it is the fastest and lighest model they have produced, although it is average in the industry (26.5lbs). The Swagway hoverboard appears to have undergone a refresh and it still offers some of the key features that it had before such as the zero degree turning – aswell as being able to climb a slight incline of 15 degrees.

After the scandal of unsafe hoverboards, Swagway appear to have gone above and beyond the call of duty by being certified with various safety standards. They also offer a 1 year warranty which is very important in our view. A hoverboard warranty is essential and we’d highly recommend buying a hoverboard with a warranty so you have some level of protection.  The Swagway has a top speed of around 10 miles per hour, which will be fast enough for many hoverboarders – and most certainly fast enough for children.

The manufacturers claim that the hoverboard has a range of 20 miles (32km). The Swagway is the hoverboard with the best range from the models we have reviewed, so this is an excellent model if you wish to use the hoverboard for commuting.

Jetson Electric Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo White

This hoverboard is fitted with a Samsung battery which is very important when considering a hoverboard. You may have read cases where some hoverboards have exploded and caused serious injury because they have been fitted with sub-standard batteries. The Jetson Electric Glyro is able to reach a top hoverboard speed of 8mph (12.87km/h) which is fast enough for most people, especially if the hoverboard is for your child. The manufacturers claim that you are able to master this hoverboard after 5 minutes of use! It comes in many differing color options, but we like the white color since it looks the sleekest and most impressive.  Once it is completely charged, it can take you as far as 10 miles. Enough for most riders! As the device weighs just 24lbs, it is not bulky and can be transported quite easily.

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self Balancing Scooter

This hoverboard offers a lot of excellent features to its customers. This hoverboard is different as it comes with a silent dual hub motor with integrated gyro sensor technology which results in a seamlessly comfortable ride. We were amazed! From reviews from around the web, many people have bought one for their kids and found it to be kid friendly. It has an excellent balancing system, which allows you to maintain your equilibrium while on the move without any hitches. When charged, it can last for 115 minutes of continuous use, but this depends on the weight of the rider and what terrain they are on. Because of this, it is one of the hoverboards with the longest range as the top speed is 6mph, which results in nearly 12 miles or 20 km of continuous riding. This hoverboard should be considered as one of the best hoverboards for 2021.

Jetson Electric Glyro Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

This is another excellent option for many. Bluetooth speakers have become quite a popular addition to many hoverboards. This model of Jetson Electro Gyro Self Balancing Hoverboard is equipped with some excellent features with a top speed of 13mph (20km/h). This is certainly faster than the Jetson model above, so this would be more suited to an adult rider I would say, or a teenager. The wheels we found were of excellent quality and offered good grip. The hoverboard itself didn’t seem cheap and flimsy, which is a key consideration for us. The ride was very comfortable which makes the hoverboard very safe to ride and can be used by children under supervision. Please make sure that if your child does use it, that they use it with a hoverboard helmet.  Long distance trips are not tiring on this hoverboard, which makes it very easy to ride and should be one of the hoverboards you should consider buying. The bluetooth speakers we loved – such a cool feature!

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter, Blue

This model of Razor hoverboard is quite similar to the red one listed above. The blue color is quite a unique color and certainly stands out compared to the darker hoverboards that we have come to know. This is another amazing hoverboard, which offers a lot of features to its riders, such as an anti-slip platform, which we found increased grip immeasurably. Both kids and grown-ups can use this board and is adaptable to each riders style of riding.  The electric hoverboard can offer you a top speed of around 6 miles/hour, and weighs just 26.5 pounds (12kg) (shipping weight). Due to its low weight, it is extremely easy to use and transport around. It draws power from a lithium ion battery placed within the hoverboard.

Hover X Self Balancing Hoverboard Balance Scooter with LED Lights, Black

Hover X is an American based c0mpany which prides itself on producing high quality hoverboards for its customers, and we were mightily impressed with its offering. If you are a beginner at hoverboarding, you do not have to have a lot of knowledge about using such types of devices as this Hover X hoverboard is easy to use and you’ll be able to use it without facing any technical difficulties in my opinion. This hoverboard is light in weight and weighs just 23lbs (around 10.43 kg). This makes it portable and you can carry this hoverboard around when not in use. The Hover X has a top speed of 9.3mph (14.96km/h), which is pretty quick and will be fast enough for aspeed hungry child but keeping them safe at the same time. The device has been made out of water-resistant material, which ensures that it can be used in outdoor as well as in indoor conditions. It is quite a popular hoverboard amongst our review team and it is certainly a self balancing scooter that is worth consider and rightly earns a place on the Best Hoverboard 2021 shortlist.

Another advantage of this device as it comes with a Hoverboard Warranty of 90 days, which is very useful, especially when there have been well documented issues with regards to hoverboards in the press recently regarding safety and reliability issues.

Powerboard by Hoverboard 2 wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Another product to be considered as the best hoverboard 2021 is the Powerboard by Hoverboard 2 wheel self Balancing Scooter. This hoverboard is quite high quality compared to many other hoverboards in this price range I feel. This self balancing electric scooter can offer a riding time of around 6 hours based on your riding style – and when charged completely. It only takes less than 60 minutes to charge the powerboard fully, which is pretty impressive. The hoverboard package dimensions are 9.2 x 9.8 x 25.3 inches, as far as its overall dimensions are concerned. This hoverboard is suited to both adults and children. When buyers ride it well, they can easily move up to a distance of around 20 miles – although the manufacturer makes no solid claims on the actual range of the hoverboard. This hoverboard is able to support a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Another useful feature is that the devices comes with a hoverboard warranty of 1 year. This is a good thing to have especially when many other hoverboards in the market have suffered from reliability issues. Powerboard encourage you to phone their US based customer support if you did have a problem with the hoverboard. This is quite reassuring, as you don’t want the product direct from China and not be able to speak to anyone if you did have a problem.

The manufacturer also says they have not “skimped on” the battery. They have installed these hoverboards with long lasting batteries which is very important in my view. Definitely a contender for best hoverboard 2021 in my view!

UL Certified Skque Skque® 8″ Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker

This is the new and improved hoverboard from Skque, which now comes with an improved battery as well as wheels with 8 inches in diameter. The Skque hoverboard is fitted with dual speakers built into its system. There is also a Bluetooth module which lets you pair it to another device and utilize it for media playback purposes. Its dual two independent motors can be activated and maneuvered with the foot pads. It can even be powered on or off with a smartphone by using its wireless remote feature.

The Skque hoverboard comes with unique LED lights that not many self-balancing scooters have. With a maximum speed of 10km/h, this would be fast enough for most hoverboarders, especially those just starting out or young children how plan to use the hoverboard casually. It takes around 1 to 2 hours to charge this hoverboard completely, which is around the same as other models of hoverboard in this price bracket. The maximum load for the hoverboard is 120kg. All in all, this is a great hoverboard which we believe you will enjoy. Plus, it passes all the necessary safety checks which is a massive plus!

(UL Certified) Self Balancing Scooter, Skque® 10″ Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker

This is an advanced hoverboard from Skque which comes with slightly bigger wheels than the model described above. This model has wheels with a 10 inch diameter, which is 2 inches bigger than the model above. The larger the diameter of the wheels of the hoverboard, the more control you will have. It has a long-lasting electric motor, a robust battery. There are also two LED lamps placed on the wheels. You can even find two speakers for media playback built into the device which can be paired with any device that supports Bluetooth. The large foot pads allows the equipment to be easily maneuvered. This electric scooter has wireless support and offers the chance to remotely activate or deactivate it, which is an excellent safety feature.

X-Man – 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter with LED Lights

This is the latest hoverboard from X-Man, and features smart technology seen with other hoverboards.  After the recent concerns over battery performance in hoverboards, the manufacturer fitted the hoverboard with genuine Samsung batteries which are known to be safe. No cheap Chinese batteries here! With 15 to 30 degrees worth of tilt, the hoverboard offers excellent mobility, although this does depend on the weight of the rider. The X-Man can reach 80% of battery capacity after just half an hour of charging, or 100% charging after 2 hours which is pretty quick. Some other hoverboards take 3 hours to charge completely. Based on the weight of riders, it can offer a peak speed of 9mph. You can get the scooter in many varied colors such as Black, Blue, Gold and even Chrome. You can put your own mark on these hoverboards by fitting them with custom decals, so this is certainly one of the best hoverboard 2021 models.

Electric Scooter Xwcz® Smart Controller

This powerful hoverboard comes integrated with wireless bluetooth speakers which allow you to play music while you ride your hoverboard. The self balancing scooter comes with built in LED lights which allow you to ride the hoverboard at night. Even those without technical knowledge of maneuvering these devices can easily manage the motion of this hoverboard. This electric scooter provides users with a number of excellent benefits. It is packed with a number of features, which include a 350 watt motor which can produce a maximum speed of 35km/h according to the manufacturer. It’s frame is made of magnesium with 10 inch wheels which over excellent control and stability to ensure you don’t fall off the hoverboard.

With a range of anywhere between 22 and 55km depending on the weight of the user, the speed it is going at and the terrain on which it is travelling, this should be enough for those who intend to ride the hoverboard when commuting to and from their destination. It has a maximum load of 120kg, so beware if you are above this weight as the hoverboard may become damaged…oh…and more importantly, you may damage yourself! Charging time takes 4 hours, which is quite long, and the manufacturer says that the battery can be charged over 500 times before it needs replaced.

MagicWheelz Hoverboard for Kids

Although this is not directly marketed towards kids, we thought the MagicWheelz was one of the best hoverboards for kids.  It is available in a wide range of color options, which include red, black, blue and white. When charged, this self balancing scooter from MagicWheelz is able to last 6 hours of continuous use, and is able to be fully charged after just an hour which is very quick! You are able to keep a track of the battery life of the hoverboard by monitoring the battery level indicator which is fitted on the hoverboard, which is an excellent feature.

If you are based in the USA and you want to deal with an American company which has a dedicated helpline, then this could be the hoverboard for you. MagicWheelz market this as one of their main strengths as they encourage you to call the helpline if you have any problems with the hoverboard.

With a top speed of 8mph, it offers a quick ride. This is why it is best suited to children as 8mph is more than fast enough for kids. Make sure they are fitted with helmets and other protective gear when they are riding the hoverboard.

EROVER Wheels Smart Hoverboard

Manufactured by EROVER, this hoverboard is powered by smart technology and boasts of some unique features. The device has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. However, the lighter you are the quicker it can be expected to move. The electric scooter can attain a peak speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Once it manages to reach that speed, the hoverboard automatically gets slowed down in order to ensure the safety of its riders. The last thing you want to do is to go too fast – especially when it is being ridden by children. It can be charged to 80% of it’s capicity within half-an-hour, so it is very quick to charge. Each of its wheels can be independent due to the presence of dual 350 watt motors.

Freefeet Self Balancing Electronic Hoverboard

This one comes with bigger wheels, which allows it to perform better than most other hoverboards in the market. It is equipped with LED lights which allow clear visibility at night. It draws power from built-in Samsung batteries, which allow it to run over long distances when it is charged completely. The batteries are able to last for more than 1000 charging cycles. A built-in safety system helps its motors to slow down when specific speed limits are attained.

EROVER Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Hoverboard

The is the latest hoverboard model from EROVER. It offers greater mileage and peak speed per charge. Its improved battery now offers a maximum fuel efficiency of 25 km when charged fully. This is the best hoverboard 2021 for those looking for a hoverboard with a big distance range. You can control the equipment by leaning back or forward, which controls the motors with ease. Our review team were able to begin riding the Erover within half an hour of receiving the hoverboard so it is perfect for beginners.

Smart Two Wheels Self Balancing Hoverboard

This is an intelligent hoverboard which comes with the same design as the original version, without too many additions. This is one of the most pocket-friendly models in the market, which also makes it one of the best recommended hoverboards. It can support weight of up to 100 kg. On a full charge, it gives an average mileage of 20 km. It is powered by a robust motor and boasts of a rechargeable battery that has been designed to last for many years.

DDLBiz Self Balance Scooter

The DDLBiz Self Balance Scooter is fitted with a rechargeable 36V battery. There are robust LED lamps which make night rides in poorly lit environs quite easy. The device can be ridden with ease and you can make sharp turns with the footpads. We found the turning to be stable which improves the safety of the product.